In this article, I'm going to introduce you to the brand Rebel Girls, the collaboration, and the finality of this exchange. I wish you a very good reading, and I'll see you at the end of the article. REBEL GIRLS: WHAT IS IT? It is an American brand that mixes education and entertainment in order to inspire and impact the women of tomorrow, and this from the youngest age (+6). To do this, Rebel Girls offers books, podcasts and toys. Created by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo in 2016, the brand now has 4 books. The latest: "Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 real Tales of Black Girl Magic," was edited by Lilly Workneh Sonja Thomas, Jestine Ware, and Diana Odero. Not to mention a foreword written by Ms. Cashawn Thompson, who is none other than the instigator of the #BlackGirlMagic movement. A REWARDING AND IMPACTFUL COLLABORATION. For this edition, Rebel Girls decided to honor black women with black women. All by black women, and for black women. So I was honored to be one of 64 black women illustrators chosen from around the world to create the 100 portraits. (I won't tell you the joy and pressure). For this issue,

INVITATION TO THE SALY LAB "To begin with, it all started with Saly's desire to share a space, a support in the name of creation with its "Welcome to my Lab" concept. This collaboration was first of all born from this nascent friendly artistic relationship with Saly. This collaboration was first of all born from this friendly artistic relationship with Saly. This was followed by a common desire to share, to help each other and to artistically grow together. That's why, when Saly proposed, I immediately accepted. Without having to think about it beforehand, it just happened naturally."- Lauwaart EXCHANGES AND QUESTIONSHow to link and interweave the two universes in a coherent and fair way? How to give an artistic form to human affinities? "Admiring Lauwaart's technique and different techniques, I first wanted to get to know his working methods. We discussed a lot about our respective ways of approaching art. I discovered a real discipline, curiosity and versatility in Lauwaart at that time that really inspired me. The idea of collaborating on a piece of work finally came quickly. " - Saly.D BORN OF THE IDEAThe desire to highlight the activist aspect of Lauwaart's art linked to Saly's recent need to give meaning to

Photo credit: @ Swelly On the occasion of a Brunch organized by the associations "A l'Ombre d'un cocotier" and "La Wif", I performed for the first time for a drawing initiation workshop. Back on the event. Organizing such an event requires a lot of energy and personal investment. First of all, I had to find a theme. A theme that would speak to everyone. Recurring in the majority of my drawings, I chose to approach the representation of the Woman. "Draw the Ideal Woman", a subject that seemed simple and yet. My goal was to transmit the basics of paper drawing to the interested parties while teaching them to let themselves be guided by their emotions, their sensations. It is not easy to give consistency, however small, to the abstract (here, thought). But it is interesting to try. It is a way to approach Art in a personal way.