Artistic approach

Artistic approach



Lauwaart is an artist of Martinican origin who lives and works in Paris. Autodictate since 2017, her artistic practice is centered on traditional and digital pictorial work. Adept at experimenting, she multiplies techniques from watercolor to oil paint, from gouache to charcoal (or pencil?). Lulled by female family figures during her childhood, she questions and reappropriates the stereotypical representations of black women distilled in the history of European art. Her work is impregnated with gender, racial and social issues that she experiences herself. Her mode of expression also draws on her spirituality, nourished by Afro-Caribbean mysticism and her relationship to nature.


Privileging the portrait, the artist gives to see black women with proud, fragile, penetrating looks. A wide spectrum that transcends the pre-established image of the Creole woman djok or the hypersexualized black woman. On the occasion of her digital series, Feve, she incorporates for the first time a diapré of fundamental colors, the carmine red, the empire green and the deep black. Symbol of her militant awakening, it will never leave her works. 


The process of creation is for her a meditative practice where the model is observed under all its lines, asperities and forms. In 2022, she initiated a series of new NFTs entitled "Cosmic Beings". The opportunity for the artist to open her practice to a new format.


Told by Lauwaart
Written by Eva Augustine


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