"One way to identity is a virtual exhibition that presents for the first time, the figurative series "Identity". Drawing on her mastery of digital art, Lauwaart illustrates portraits of women, particularly black women whose representations she wishes to reinvent as normalized. Marked by a deep period of introspection, in 2018 she initiates this pictorial set that will highlight states of mind: the quest for self, the relationship with the other, identity. Large flat areas of color delineate visible and non-visible spaces creating a contrast between what we can actually see of the other and the imaginary, the thoughts, that we project on him. This exhibition provokes a meditative contemplation of female portraits that allows us to take the time to reflect on ourselves.

The Identity series is composed of seven works "Introduction", "Acceptance", "Peace" and "One". Through the figuration of these segmented, framed, intimate portraits of women, it is a progressive dive into our psyche that is suggested. The artist expresses her own philosophical questionings, her commitments and her relationship to the other who is nothing more than myself. This is why you, the visitors, will be led to answer these same questions during the exhibition.


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