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I love to see people gain confidence and awareness of their potential, their creative energyThis is the reason why I offer courses.
I take the time to discuss with you, to understand your expectations, your difficulties before putting at your disposal the tools and knowledge necessary or auxiliary to your creative energy. Each course is unique and tailored to you.

How do I work?

1/ First of all, I offer courses of:
-Watercolor painting
-Acrylic paint
-Digital Painting (On Ipad Pro)
It is up to you to choose the type of course you are interested in.


2/ You have the choice between 2 hours of classes, days in the workshop, or a week in the workshop.
- If this is your very first course, the first hour is free with the code "myfirstcourse".
- For the days in workshop (from 9 am to 6 pm), a lunch break of 1 hour takes place at 1 pm, and the day unfolds at your pace knowing that the workshop is reserved for you.
- For the week in the workshop (Monday to Saturday), the program of the week is set up on Monday with you in order to answer your needs and questions. The idea is to discover or deepen the theory, to develop the practice, and to finish the week by going to the art store to get the material that suits you.


3/ You can choose options for each course:
- +1: your guest, at +50% of the total price without option
- Wine (white, red, or white)
- Lunch in a bistro (for the days or weeks in the workshop)


4/ Creation in complete freedom, and at the end of the course, you leave with your own creation(s).


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. 
You can also propose your availability.
That's why I'm here.


/Classes are held at :
16 rue Edmée Guillou

- To take these courses, you must be 18 years old.
- Any inappropriate behavior will result in immediate termination of the course and no refund.
- COVID: Compliance with safety barrier gestures is not optional.
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9 reviews for Réservation de Cours – Février à Avril en MARTINIQUE

  1. Rodrigue Solbiac -

    I started following lauwaart on Instagram in 2020 because she is an artist from my home and especially I really liked her way of drawing, moreover the portraits what I like the most. I followed her evolution as she went along and did not see that during her stay in Martinique she offered courses, I immediately seized the opportunity because I was waiting for help to continue to draw because I was stagnating and the desire was no longer there and who else than you to guide me I could not dream of better.Thank you lauwaart for having made me leave my comfort zone. I work by feeling and frankly what you give off is great, good energy, good teaching, you listen, you give confidence and you are good advice. It's an art. You will always have my eternal gratitude. I recommend your courses to all those who want to progress or learn. Good continuation and 💙 on you.

  2. Wendie Zahibo (verified owner) -

    Much more than drawing or painting classes, these are wonderful moments of art therapy. Moments that we allow ourselves to let go, to explore, to navigate.
    Lauwaart is a good listener, a teacher and an attentive listener. She knows how to accompany us in our practices, to guide us, to help us to change our perspective, to see with another eye. I see my progress as I go along, over the weeks, and I am a thousand times grateful to her for her transmission. I recommend 1000 times <3!

  3. Jessica (verified owner) -

    Passionate and caring, Lauwaart put me at ease right away. I spent a great and intense week with her.
    Thank you for your listening and your pedagogy as well as your support and your precious advice.
    Thanks to you I have the keys to explore and express my creativity!
    Thanks again and see you soon 😊

  4. Elodie DORÉ (verified owner) -

    A very nice meeting, that's what I remember from my drawing class with Lauwaart. It was a real pleasure to hear her talk about her passion and her journey as an artist. I discovered someone passionate, humble and with a soothing energy. Thank you very much for your flexibility, your patience, your kindness and your generosity. And thank you again for giving me confidence in myself by encouraging and guiding me in my project to learn drawing.

  5. Doriane (verified owner) -

    Great session!
    It was the first time I attended a drawing class.
    Beyond a course, it's a real enriching exchange.
    Lauwaart is a good listener, takes the time to accompany us, and is generous with her advice.
    It really made me want to explore different techniques
    The time passed so quickly.
    I really enjoyed this moment.

    Thank you Lauwaart

  6. Miyoucat (verified owner) -

    I loved painting with Lauwaart!
    She is really generous with her advice and very educational. I didn't see the time pass because it was so pleasant. She really took the time to listen to me, didn't hesitate to tell me what I was doing wrong and she took all her time to show me how to improve without doing it for me. She is really patient, which is a good quality, and despite my difficulties, she never once got tired of explaining things to me differently. I was really afraid to draw faces but she encouraged me to try and I didn't regret it. I also appreciated the fact that she didn't impose her style on me. Instead she pushed me to explore my own inspiration.
    I was really proud of myself when I came home with my work, and really motivated to keep working.
    I highly recommend these classes, for all levels: beginners, intermediate or pro. She really knows how to adapt to all levels with the goal of helping us improve

  7. Angela (verified owner) -

    Lauwaart is first of all very nice and puts you at ease very quickly. She is very pedagogical, takes the time to explain you what and how to do and makes sure that you have understood and that you can put it into practice. She also gives tips and tricks to help you improve. I'm very satisfied with the course I took with her 🙂

  8. Angela (verified owner) -

    Lauwaart is very pedagogical, she follows you and shows you what to do and makes sure you understand and do it by yourself! She also gives a lot of tips and techniques! I learned a lot and I don't regret doing this course with her!

  9. Alyssa -

    I did my first two acrylic paintings with Lauwaart. Being a novice and not sure of my drawing skills, I was a bit apprehensive, which quickly disappeared with Lauwaart's advice. It doesn't even feel like a traditional painting class: Lauwaart is very encouraging, she pushes you to do the painting by yourself (she guides but doesn't do it for you), she helps you to create.
    At the end of the course I was very proud to leave with my paintings under my arm.

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