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INVITATION TO THE SALY LAB "To begin with, it all started with Saly's desire to share a space, a support in the name of creation with its "Welcome to my Lab" concept. This collaboration was first born from this budding artistic friendship with Saly. This collaboration was first of all born from this friendly artistic relationship with Saly. This was followed by a common desire to share, to help each other and to artistically grow together. That's why, when Saly proposed, I immediately accepted. Without having to think about it beforehand, it just happened naturally."- Lauwaart EXCHANGES AND QUESTIONSHow to link and interweave the two universes in a coherent and equitable way? How to give an artistic form to human affinities? "Admiring Lauwaart's technique and different techniques, I first wanted to get to know his working methods. We discussed a lot about our respective ways of approaching art. I discovered a real discipline, curiosity and versatility in Lauwaart at that time that really inspired me. The idea of collaborating on a piece of work finally came quickly. " - Saly.D THE BIRTH OF THE IDEAThe desire to highlight the activist aspect of Lauwaart's art is linked to Saly's recent need to give meaning to his designs. "The theme is