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Come discover techniques to master your creative energy at your own pace.
Discover the 4 workshop programs.
From drawing to watercolor, gouache, acrylic or digital painting, the workshop is waiting for you.

I realized my two first tables à acrylic with Lauwaart.

I did my first two acrylic paintings with Lauwaart. Being a novice and not sure of my drawing skills, I was a bit apprehensive, which quickly disappeared with Lauwaart's advice. It doesn't even feel like a traditional painting class: Lauwaart is very encouraging, she pushes you to do the painting by yourself (she guides but doesn't do it for you), she helps you to create. At the end of the class I was very proud to leave with my paintings under my arm.

Alyssa Painting course

I am very satisfied of the course done with her.

Lauwaart is first of all very nice and puts you at ease very quickly. She is very pedagogical, takes the time to explain you what and how to do and makes sure that you have understood and that you can put it into practice. She also gives you tips and tricks to help you improve. I am very satisfied with the course I took with her 🙂

Angela Drawing courses

It is really generous in tips and very pedagogue.

I loved painting with Lauwaart! She is really generous with her advice and very educational. I didn't see the time go by, it was so pleasant. She really took the time to listen to me, didn't hesitate to tell me what I was doing wrong and took her time to show me how to improve without doing it for me. She is really patient, which is a good quality, and despite my difficulties, she never once got tired of explaining things to me differently. I was really afraid to draw faces but she encouraged me to try and I didn't regret it. I also appreciated the fact that she didn't impose her style on me. I was really proud of myself when I came home with my work, and really motivated to keep working. I highly recommend these classes, for all levels: beginners, intermediate or pro. She really knows how to adapt to all levels with the goal of helping us improve.

Miyoucat Painting course

Beyond a course, it is a real exchange rewarding.

Great session! It was my first time attending a drawing class. Beyond a class, it's a real enriching exchange. Lauwaart listens, takes the time to accompany us, is generous with advice. It really made me want to explore different techniques. I really enjoyed this time. I thank you Lauwaart

Doriane Drawing courses

A very beautiful meeting,

A very nice meeting, that's what I remember from my drawing class with Lauwaart. It was a real pleasure to hear her talk about her passion and her journey as an artist. I discovered someone passionate, humble and with a soothing energy. Thank you very much for your flexibility, your patience, your kindness and your generosity. And thank you again for giving me confidence in myself by encouraging and guiding me in my project to learn drawing.

Elodie Drawing courses

Lauwaart is very educator

Lauwaart is very pedagogical, she follows you and shows you what to do and makes sure you understand and do it by yourself! She also gives a lot of tips and techniques! I learned a lot and I don't regret doing this course with her!

Angela Drawing courses

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    "It is by constantly giving ourselves the freedom to do and think differently that we honor the artist within us."

    - Lauwaart

    The Round of Concretions

    It is a space for exchange, sharing, and support for those initiated to the workshop courses.
    Several rooms, several subjects, but only one objective: together, to form solid concretions.

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