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Did you know ?

LAUWAART is from :
"Lau" because her middle name is Lauriane,
"wa" for "wanakaera" which is one of the names of Martinique,
and "art".

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Born in Martinique, Lauwaart lives and works in Ivry-sur-Seine. The artist develops since her young age a taste for creation. This will guide her towards studies in graphic design that she will courageously shorten to dedicate herself totally to her art. Relying on various mediums such as drawing, traditional painting and particularly digital painting. She wishes to reinvent the aesthetic codes associated with standardized representations of women, especially black women. Surrounded and educated by women since her childhood, they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artist who wishes to represent all their strength, their beauty, their diversity.

At the same time, in December 2017, he was discovered to have Keratoconus, a corneal disease that diminishes vision. It was a complex but productive year. "The eyes are what connect us to the outside world. It is an important tool, not only for the artist. Nevertheless it allows me to diversify my media." She confides. Aware of her abilities and motivated by her imagination, her overflowing creativity and her thirst for learning, she strengthens her practice, explores and finds a line that is her own.

In April 2019, Lauwaart opens his first solo exhibition in the Opera Lounge gallery located in Barcelona supported by TheArtTheyGive. More broadly, the artist feeds off her environment, her personal questioning, and her origins. Multiplying the collaborations, she crosses her universe with that of the musician Stéphane Castry and the author Simone Lagrand for the realization of a clip, and participates in the edition of the feminist book "Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 real life tales of black girl magic", released in 2021, for which she proposes an illustration. In 2020 she collaborates with the artist Saly.D on a pictorial fresco featuring important women of the militant anti-colonial youth of Martinique. She signs and reaffirms her militant thought.

Key dates

Since the beginning

July 2017: Birth of Lauwaart - PARIS
October 2018: left eye surgery


2017 : Black Art exhibition/sale : Nil de Paris
2017 : Afro-Caribbean market exhibition/sale


2018 : Exhibition/sale at the Afro-Caribbean Market


2018 : Open House at Soft


2018 : Introduction to drawing workshop - Brunch in the shade of a coconut tree/ WIF


2018 : Exhibition at the APY Festival


2019 : First (solo) exhibition at Opera Lounge


2020: Exhibition at Bam Bam Café



2018 : Street art collaboration with Jules Viera


2019 : Cover and illustrations of the poetry collection ``Esquisse`` by Philippe Triay (released in 2021)


2020 : Cover of the poetry collection ``I love you`` by Gael Barboza


2020 : Animation for the clip ``Pou'w`` by Simone Lagrand and Stephane Castry


2020 : Creation of a pictorial fresco with the artist Saly.D


2021: Illustration for the book "Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 real life tales of black girl magic" by the publishing house Rebel Girls.

Artistic Residencies

2020 : 1 month residency at Maison Ver'veau