in the shade of a coconut tree Tag

Photo credit: @ Swelly On the occasion of a Brunch organized by the associations "A l'Ombre d'un cocotier" and "La Wif", I performed for the first time for a drawing initiation workshop. Back on the event. Organizing such an event requires a lot of energy and personal investment. First of all, I had to find a theme. A theme that would speak to everyone. Recurring in the majority of my drawings, I chose to approach the representation of the Woman. "Draw the Ideal Woman", a subject that seemed simple and yet. My goal was to transmit the basics of paper drawing to the interested parties while teaching them to let themselves be guided by their emotions, their sensations. It is not easy to give consistency, however small, to the abstract (here, thought). But it is interesting to try. It is a way to approach Art in a personal way.