Pencil Tag

Like most of you, I sometimes go away for a few days, to feed my imagination or simply take a break. Discover my essential tools. The ones that don't leave me, even when I'm 8000km away from Paris. "The artist reveals the depth. It is because he stands back from the visible that he is close to the invisible." - Karlfried Graf Dürckheim - Each landscape that we cross, each person that we meet during these few days/weeks/months constitute most of the time our daily landscape. Sometimes they even become real sources of inspiration. We are interested in their facial features, their character traits and sometimes even their history which is reflected in their eyes. We are certainly inspired, but we also learn a lot about ourselves. These little "breaks" are also an opportunity for me to diversify on other supports, to improve myself and/or discover new styles, detached from my computer screen. To confront my look to the outside world. Digital painting has its advantages and disadvantages. But going back to traditional drawing allowed me, in a way, to shape my "style". Apart from my clothes, my suitcase contains essentially 80% of my drawing material. To give you an idea of what I'm packing