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INTRO More than a month ago, if someone had told me that I would be participating in my first podcast, I would have probably answered something like "I don't do that! Sick! "I would have gone back to caressing my bay window to catch the energy from outside, just enough to not forget the way to reality. Because, seriously, between us, eh... With all the limits I impose on myself, my introverted comfort zone level 172, my imposter syndrome (AKA "Babi" that I send on vacation much more often now: "Yes, yes, you have to stay on vacation, sir!") and the fact that I don't like to hear my voice captured,... (Which is very paradoxical, considering the particular interest I have for the art of voice-over-ing"... Anyway) How to say? A podcast? Awai? Lauwaart? "But here I am, out of my comfort zone, "euht-er", "du coup-er", "en fait-er" and paraphrasing in the lost or found ears of the most curious.x. WEST INDIES ART AND THE PODCAST West Indies Art is an instagram account created in 2020 and aims to promote creative and visual artists from the Caribbean. Lately, the page has welcomed Khad, artist and art director

In this article, I'm going to introduce you to the brand Rebel Girls, the collaboration, and the finality of this exchange. I wish you a very good reading, and I'll see you at the end of the article. REBEL GIRLS: WHAT IS IT? It is an American brand that mixes education and entertainment in order to inspire and impact the women of tomorrow, and this from the youngest age (+6). To do this, Rebel Girls offers books, podcasts and toys. Created by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo in 2016, the brand now has 4 books. The latest: "Good night stories for rebel girls: 100 real Tales of Black Girl Magic," was edited by Lilly Workneh Sonja Thomas, Jestine Ware, and Diana Odero. Not to mention a foreword written by Ms. Cashawn Thompson, who is none other than the instigator of the #BlackGirlMagic movement. A REWARDING AND IMPACTFUL COLLABORATION. For this edition, Rebel Girls decided to honor black women with black women. All by black women, and for black women. So I was honored to be one of 64 black women illustrators chosen from around the world to create the 100 portraits. (I won't tell you the joy and pressure). For this issue,

INVITATION TO THE SALY LAB "To begin with, it all started with Saly's desire to share a space, a support in the name of creation with its "Welcome to my Lab" concept. This collaboration was first born from this budding artistic friendship with Saly. This collaboration was first of all born from this friendly artistic relationship with Saly. This was followed by a common desire to share, to help each other and to artistically grow together. That's why, when Saly proposed, I immediately accepted. Without having to think about it beforehand, it just happened naturally."- Lauwaart EXCHANGES AND QUESTIONSHow to link and interweave the two universes in a coherent and equitable way? How to give an artistic form to human affinities? "Admiring Lauwaart's technique and different techniques, I first wanted to get to know his working methods. We discussed a lot about our respective ways of approaching art. I discovered a real discipline, curiosity and versatility in Lauwaart at that time that really inspired me. The idea of collaborating on a piece of work finally came quickly. " - Saly.D THE BIRTH OF THE IDEAThe desire to highlight the activist aspect of Lauwaart's art is linked to Saly's recent need to give meaning to his designs. "The theme is

Some of you already know this, others don't. But I had the pleasure to live my first experience in an art gallery at the Opera Lounge (solo in Barcelona) at the end of April, more precisely from the 25th to the 28th. Before It all started on Instagram when @TheArtTheyGive contacted me with this unexpected opportunity. Just to give you an idea, @TheArtTheyGive is a brand new project that aims to showcase artists of all kinds and from all walks of life through exhibitions, events and live performances,

"The Passion of the gesture" and "Entrepreneurial spirit". Two symbolic categories in which Lutrycia registered in order to participate in the festival "Je filmme le métier qui me plaît". Her "mission" was to visually portray a "professional" and thus give him carte blanche to express his vision of his job. I was thus led to speak about my status of artist (digital, painting), of the genesis of Lauwaart. I let you discover it through this exclusive interview. Production and editing | Lutrycia Music | Broke for free by Summer Sliffs Translation | Lauwaart R e s e a u r e s INSTAGRAM LUTRYCIA | INSTAGRAM LAUWAART | TWITTER LAUWAART | WEB SITE | If you wish to contribute to the growth of Lauwaart, you can make a donation via Paypal: © 2018

I invite you to watch my first Youtube video, a time lapse, to give you an idea of the evolution of a design. Enjoy !    

Many of you have asked me about it. Today, I'm going to talk to people who are curious to learn digital painting. With a little practice and diligence, digital painting will have no secrets for you. No, I'm exaggerating. I'm still learning a little more every day. I want to warn you, this is not a "Tuto", there are already plenty on Youtube. My goal is to see with you some fundamental points following my personal experience. What are the things to know? How and where to start? To get there, let's start with the basics! To excel in the field, you need to know what you are talking about, where you are going. Let's start with a little reminder of what digital painting is. "YOU SAID DIGITAL PAINTING. WHAT"? According to Wikipedia, "Digital painting, is a form of digital art that emerged in the 1990s in which traditional painting techniques, such as watercolor, oils, impasto, are applied using digital tools through a computer, graphics tablet, pen and software" Ok

Like most of you, I sometimes go away for a few days, to feed my imagination or simply take a break. Discover my essential tools. The ones that don't leave me, even when I'm 8000km away from Paris. "The artist reveals the depth. It is because he stands back from the visible that he is close to the invisible." - Karlfried Graf Dürckheim - Each landscape that we cross, each person that we meet during these few days/weeks/months constitute most of the time our daily landscape. Sometimes they even become real sources of inspiration. We are interested in their facial features, their character traits and sometimes even their history which is reflected in their eyes. We are certainly inspired, but we also learn a lot about ourselves. These little "breaks" are also an opportunity for me to diversify on other supports, to improve myself and/or discover new styles, detached from my computer screen. To confront my look to the outside world. Digital painting has its advantages and disadvantages. But going back to traditional drawing allowed me, in a way, to shape my "style". Apart from my clothes, my suitcase contains essentially 80% of my drawing material. To give you an idea of what I'm packing