My first gallery exhibition with The Art They Give - Barcelona, April 25-28, 2019

Some of you already know this, others do not.
But I had the pleasure to live my first experience in art gallery at the Opera Lounge (solo in addition to Barcelona) at the end of April, more precisely from the 25th to the 28th.


It all started on Instagram when @TheArtTheyGive contacted me with this unexpected opportunity.

So you can see a little, @TheArtTheyGive is a brand new project aiming at putting forward artists of all kinds and from all horizons through exhibitions, events, live performances, ...
I invite you to take a little tour on the Instagram page @Thearttheygive or on the official website to learn more > or

During this collaboration, I met a young self-taught video maker, super talented, Andre Ramirowho came to Paris for 3 days with The Art They Give1 month before the exhibition to make a video portrait of me.
Between my studio, the city of Ivry-sur-Seine, the metro, Paris, from morning to night, it was 3 intense days of shooting.

I let you discover the video.

During the exhibition

The exhibition took place from April 25 to 28

The day of the opening, the 25th, was the most crowded day.
I was able to meet a lot of people, and exchange, discuss, laugh with them. It was really the first time that I met an audience that came for and was interested in my work and my career.
It was really different from the events I've done in Paris, where usually the public discovers me for the first time on the spot.
I loved this moment of meeting and sharing.
There was the projection of the video made by Andre Ramiro.
It was simply and purely a moment of happiness.

The days that followed were quieter, which allowed me to take the time to talk with the people who came or returned.
I was also able to take the time to talk with the gallery manager, Monique, an extremely gentle and attentive woman.

Small mention for Sunday 28, where I have drawn in livebut this quickly turned into a moment of sharing. I set up pencils and paper by my side, and some of them played along. Thanks to all of you. #Priceless

This first experience allowed me to have a taste, an approach of my own of the art world in a gallery.
Not to mention that I was able to discover the city of Barcelona for the first time. And it is clear that I will go back there when the time comes.

A big thank you to The Art They Give and Adama, Andre Ramiro, L'Opera Lounge, Monique, Malykat, my relatives, my entourage, and all the people who came but also those who could not.
Thank you all, for your support, your energy, your words, ...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

PS: those who wish to discover or buy the exposed works are welcome to my workshop, located in Ivry-sur-Seine. Contact me by mail, and we'll organize it 🙂

See you soon

I invite you to discover the work of video maker Andre Ramiro here >
Vimeo :